Grafton Board of Listers  

Notice to Taxpayers:

2019 Notice to Taxpayers

2018 Notice to Taxpayers

Board of Listers

Listers are responsible for determining the value of real property and maintaining records associated with each property.  These records make up the Grand List. Property valuations determine the tax rate for both municipal and educational taxes. The Board of Selectmen sets these rates each year to raise taxes for town roads and other municipal expenses. For education funding, all real property is classified as either Homestead or Non-Residential and a statewide tax is imposed at different rates. Owners must file a Homestead Declaration each year to determine this classification. Any property that is not filed under Homestead is deemed to be Non-residential.

Three Listers are elected to overlapping three-year terms. 

Present Board of Listers:

              Hardy Merrill, Chair

              Nancy Merrill 

              GailAnn Fisher

The Listers’ Office is in the Town Hall (802-843-2419).  We are in the office part-time with hours varying according to need.  If we are not in the office, the best way to contact us is by email since we check the Lister email frequently. Our address is

The Listers maintain information about each property on a Property Record Card which includes a description and valuation of land and structures as well as a photograph. Each spring the Listers update property card information to include any changes made to the property by April 1 of each year. Any alterations in valuation require us to mail a notice of change of assessment to the property owner. Owners who disagree with this revised valuation can make an appointment with us to grieve the matter.

The Grand List is set early each summer and then the Board of Selectmen sets the taxes for the upcoming year. Taxes are paid in four installments: August 15, November 15, February 15 and May 15.