Regulations: Flood & Subdivision

The Flood Damage Prevention and Subdivision Regulations are administered by the Administrative Officer subject to the supervision of the Development Review Board.

Flood Damage Prevention Regulations

Flood Damage Prevention Regs dated Aug 13 2007

Subdivision Regulations

Subregs2009 Revision for 2018 DRB hearings


For Public Hearing – Flood, Subdivision, Appeals of Administrative Officer Decision:

2020 Application Public Hearing

Attachment for Flood Permit application:

Flood_Attach_to_Appl_for_PH 3

Attachments for Subdivision Permit Applications, including Lot Line Adjustment and variance request:


Grafton Subdivision_Attach_to_Appl_for_PH_MAJOR

Application for Boundary Adjustment or attach to Publi Hrg applic. 2020

Applications are filed with the Administrative Officer or the Town Clerk.