Pre-Town Meeting Tuesday, February 28 Grafton Elementary School starting at 6PM, Grafton Town School School District Report 7PM, and Select Board Candidates Forum at 8PM

Special Town Meeting – May 24, 2017-Town of Grafton

2017 Select Board Appointments

Welcome new Planning Commissioners, Kim Record and David Culver

Public Notice-Environmental Document

2017 Town Meeting Election Results

Select Board:

Joe Pollio 135, Noralee Hall 109

Stan Mack, 140, John Turner 103

Unified School District: No 156, Yes 81

Union H.S. Budget: Approved 165-75

River Valley Tech Budget: Approved 178-63

Moderator-1 Yr. Term: Dave Ross

Town Clerk-3 Yr. Term: Kimberly Record

Town Treasurer-3 Yr. Term: Kimberly Record

Delinquent Tax Collector- 3 Yr. Term: Janice Atwood

Trustee of Public Funds- 3 Yr. Term: Ronald Carey

Trustee of Campbell, Woolson- 3 Yr. Term: Ronald Carey

Town Lister- 3 Yr. Term: Hardy Merrill

Auditor- 3 Yr. Term: Debe Plummer

Town Grand Juror- 1 Yr. Term: Kent Armstrong

Town Agent- 1 Yr. Term: Kimberly Record

Grafton Town School Director- 2 Yr. Term: Jack Bryar

Grafton Town School Director – 2 Yr. Term: To be appointed

Trustee of Public Library- 2 Yr. Term: Andrea Dunmire

Trustee of Public Library- 3 Yr. Term: Deborah Toomey

Trustee of Public Library- 3 Yr. Term: Lucia Corwin

Newest members of the Planning Commission: Valerie Rooney and Matt Siano

Notice To Voters WNESU Act 46 School Consolidation

Notice to Voters Interested Directors of School District if Act 46 passes


RESCHEDULED Thursday, Jan. 5, 2016

Non-Resident Taxpayer Proposed Industrial Wind Survey/Poll

In favor-35

Not in favor-152


Town of Grafton Election Results, November 8, 2016

 General Election


Hillary Clinton/Tim Kaine-210

Rocky DeLaFuente-1

Gary Johnson/William Weld-14

Gloria Larive-0

Jill Stein/Ajuma Baraka-6

Donald Trump/Michael Pence-131

Bernie Sanders-24


Pete Diamondstone-12

Chris Ericson-22

Patrick Leahy-212

Scott Milne-137

Jerry Trudell-4

Representative to Congress

Erica Clawson-45

Peter Welch-301


Bill “Spaceman” Lee-13

Sue Minter-144

Phil Scott-236

Lt. Governor

Randy Brock-192

Boots Wardinski-11

David Zuckerman-172

State Treasurer

Murry Ngoima-25

Beth Pearce-270

Don Schramm-39

Secretary of State

Jim Condos-281

Mary Alice “Mal” Herbert-59

Auditor of Accounts

Marina Brown-18

Dan Feliciano-155

Doug Hoffer-171

Attorney General

Deborah “Deb” Bucknam-151

TJ Donovan-188

Rosemarie Jockowski-23

State Senator

Becca Balint-157

Aaron Diamondstone-22

Jerry Levy-40

Jeannette White-138

David Schoales-135

State Representative

Carolyn Patridge-278

Matthew Trieber-223

 Justice of the Peace, Grafton

Edward Bank-236

Sam Battaglino-245

Wendy Martin-278

David Ross-280

Christopher Wallace-279

 Article 1, Stiles Brook Wind Project Vote



Warning – Vermont General Election – November 8, 2016

Hazardous waste collection 9.10.16

Special Meeting Election Results To Fill Vacant Select Board Seat 

John Turner 170 votes / Don Dougall 108 votes

 Hot Dog Night July 2nd & Sept. 4th 

Warning Special Town Meeting 7.12.16

Notice to Voters for Local Elections

GREEN UP DAY VERMONT-Saturday, May 7th

Hazardous Household Waste Collection 2016

Speed Study

March/17/2016 _________________________________________________________________________

Town Meeting Election Results

Presidential Primary Ballot – Democratic Party
Hillary Clinton of New York                                26
Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente of California         0
Martin J. O’Malley of Maryland                            0
Bernie Sanders of Vermont                             169
Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Write-In)                        1
Total Votes                                                      196

Presidential Primary Ballot – Republican Party
Jeb Bush of Florida                                             6
Ben Carson of Florida                                         3
Chris Christie of New Jersey                              0
Ted Cruz of Texas                                            10
Carly Fiorina of Virginia                                       0
John R. Kasich of Ohio                                     28
Rand Paul of Kentucky                                       3
Marco Rubio of Florida                                      19
Rick Santorum of Virginia                                   1
Donald J. Trump of New York                          42
Spoiled                                                                1
Total Votes                                                      113

River Valley Technical Center School District: Article 1
*for a copy of the article, contact the Town Offices*
Yes                                                                  233
No                                                                     78
Spoiled                                                               7
Total Votes                                                     318

Union High School # 27: Article 6
*for a copy of the article, contact the Town Offices*
Yes                                                                  226
No                                                                     87
Blank                                                                  5
Spoiled                                                               2
Total Votes                                                    320

Town Elections
Moderator, 1 Year Term
David Ross                                                    285
Town Lister, 3 Year Term
Joan lake                                                       293
Trustee of Public Funds, 3 Year Term
GailAnn Fisher                                              275
Trustee of Campbell, Woolson Funds, 3 Year Term
GailAnn Fisher                                              274
Trustee of Public Library, 3 Year Term
Robert Donald                                               274
Trustee of Public Library, 3 Year Term
David Whittall                                                256
Auditor, 3 Year Term
Kathleen Muelrath                                         258
Selectman, 3 Year Term
Cynthia Gibbs                                               174
Noralee Hall                                                  132
Selectman, 2 Year Term
Allan Sands                                                   191
Matt Siano                                                       98
Grand Juror, 1 Year Term
Kimberly Record                                             33
Town Agent, 1 Year Term
Kimberly Record                                             45
Grafton Town School District Director, 2 Year Term
Sadie Hallock                                                278
Grafton Town School District Director, 3 Year Term
Edward Bank                                                249
School Director for the Union High School, 3 Year Term
Jack Bryar                                                    258


A letter was received from the non-resident taxpayers of Grafton in regards to the potential Iberdrola Project. A copy of the letter can be downloaded here: Non-Resident Iberdrola Request


Due to Article 13, the Town Report will no longer be mailed. Copies will be available in the Town Offices, the Grafton Public Library and on the Town Web-Page ( after Monday, February 15th, 2016.


This letter, to the residents of Grafton, was received from Iberdrola Renewables.

Iberdrola Letter to Grafton Residents

Please direct any inquiries to Emily Huff, Town Administrator (802)843-2552 or


Please direct any comments and questions to Emily Huff, Town Administrator

(802) 843-2552