Planning Commission

The Planning Commission has been working with Fitzgerald Environmental on a fluvial erosion mapping project and has successfully created an online map to display the Saxton’s River Corridor in Grafton.You can open this map and create a point with observations about the river corridor and flood damage, which can be a useful tool to engage the community and gather important observations from citizens. Here is the link:

Grafton River Mapping Instructions

Planning Commission

Meetings are held at the Grafton Elementary School on the second Tuesday of each month at 7PM. Please see the Agenda/Minutes page for meeting information and materials or contact Emily Huff, Town Administrator (802) 843-2552.

Planning Commission Appointments:

Eric Stevens, Chair

Liisa Kissel

Steve Fisher

Valerie Rooney

Matt Siano

Kim Record

David Culver


Please Contact Emily Huff, Town Administrator for further information.