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TOWN CLERK & TREASURER – Kimberly Record


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Michelle Dolloph & Wendy Martin

The following Holidays are observed by all offices: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King Birthday, Presidents Day, Town Meeting, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day/Indigenous Peoples’ Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.


If you wish to search Grafton public records on-line, copy and paste this link: [Subscription needed to view this site.]

Grafton Public Records Research in Town Office

If you wish to research  IN PERSON you must HAVE AN APPOINTMENT – appointments may be on Mondays, Tuesdays, or Thursdays only. Appointments are necessary because the space for research is very limited

The Town Clerk’s statutory duties range from recording, preserving and certifying public documents to administering oaths of office, complying with public information requests, posting notices on the Town’s bulletin board, running the local elections, maintaining the grand list, issuing marriage licenses and licensing animals.

All dogs must be licensed by April 1 Every Year 

  • 20 VSA 3581. General requirements (a) A person who is the owner of a dog or wolf-hybrid more than six months old shall annually on or before April 1 cause it to be registered, numbered, described, and licensed on a form approved by the Secretary for one year from that day in the office of the clerk of the municipality in which the dog or wolf-hybrid is kept.
  • There are late fees for the failure to license dogs.
  • In addition to late fees, failure to license a dog may result in other monetary fines and/or the impoundment of the dog at owners expense, as provided by law and the Animal Control ordinance of the Town of Grafton. See 20 VSA chapter 193 and  Animal Nuisance Control Ordinance GRAFTON amending the original Ord of 2006 – effective date October 19 2018
  • Note: to obtain a license the owner must present a certified copy of the rabies immunization of the animal issued by a licensed veterinarian. 

All dogs must be immunized against rabies

  • 20 VSA 3581a. Immunization(a) An owner of a domestic pet or wolf-hybrid shall have that animal inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian in accordance with section 3581 of this title, if applicable, and with rules adopted by the secretary.
  • To be clear. STATE LAW STATES DOGS MUST BE IMMUNIZED FROM RABIES. This needs to be understood separate and apart from the license requirement and the necessity of immunization in order to obtain a dog license. 

Clerk Treasurer Fees and Reminders:

Below is a summary of the changes.  Please plan accordingly so there is no delay in processing your recordings due to a shortage of fees,

Summary of Vermont Recording Fee Changes

Per H.526 (approved by VT Legislature 2019 session) 32 V.S.A. §1671      Effective: July 1, 2019




Document recording fees



PTTR (Property transfer tax return)



Survey plat (mylar) recording fees



Certified copy of records (no change)



Examination of records (vault time)



* Documents include all items recorded in the land records (deeds, mortgages, assignments, liens, releases, permits)

* Multiple assignments or releases included on one document are charged $15/assignment or release.

  • Photo Copies $1.00/page

Contact the Clerk’s office with any questions @ 802-843-2419 or


The Town of Grafton runs on a Fiscal Year July 1 – June 30.

Annual Town Meeting – First Tuesday in March.

Taxes are due quarterly:

        – August 15th, November 15th, February 17th and May 15th in 2024

Dog Licenses are due before April 1st. Due to the Coronavirus this deadline has been extended to June 1st and can be done by mail. Be sure to include rabies vaccination certificate. Cost is: $9 spayed/neutered and $13 not spayed/neutered.

Land Records, Vital Records and Misc. Records are available at the Town Office