Town Plan

Proposed Edits to the 2020-2028 Grafton Town Plan

Notice of Nov 10 Public Hearing by PC     Planning Commission Notice of PH Town Plan Nov 10 2020

Amended Town Plan as proposed for Nov 10 PH 2020 – 2028 Grafton Town Plan with Proposed Edits – September 2020

Amended Map as Proposed –Proposed Land Use Map – September 2020

Report on Amended Plas as required for PC Nov 10 Public Hearing Report on Proposed Changes to the Town Plan

Just the Proposed Edits – September 2020

Grafton Town Plan Adopted by Voters on January 13th 2020.

2020-2028 Grafton Town Plan adopted by Voters on 1 13 2020
2020-2028 Plan Maps Higher quality map version: Grafton_TownPlanMaps_2020-01-13

Grafton Town Plan readopted 2014

Grafton 2008 Town Plan as revised and re-adopted in 2014         GraftonTownPlanMaps-2008-05-26

Skip Lisle’s November 2013 Historic Overview: “Historic Overview by Skip Lisle, November – 2013”