Town Plan, Subdivision Regulations, Flood Regulations, Emergency Plans

Grafton Town Plan to be used for Public Hearings:

Grafton Town Plan to be subject of Public Hearing on December 12 2019

Selectboard Notice of PH Town Plan Dec 12 2019 @ Town garage

Town Plan for the Dec 12 Hearing: 2019-GrafTP-SB-Nov 6 Hrg Nov 8 Mtg FINAL for Dec 12 Hrg

Final Maps 2019 for TPlan

Referenced in that Plan is the following:

Natural Resources by Skip Lisle

Report on this Plan is forthcoming, but for now Jan 31 Report is latest. When new report is received it will be posted here:

2019 PC Report 4302 compliance Jan 31 2019

Grafton Town Plan to be subject of Public Hearing on November 7 2019

2019 – 2026 Grafton Town Plan – Final Planning Commission DRAFT

Grafton Town Plan Public Hearing Notice(s) – Selectboard

This Hearing moved up one day to Nov 6, 2019 at 6PM at the Town Garage. 

Selectboard Notice of PH Town Plan Nov 7 2019 Town Garage

July 11th Version not approved and discarded on October 17th 2019

2019-GrafTP July 11th Version – Chapt 12 compliant – new photo

Latest proposed amendment of Energy Chapter (page 28 to 45) and Resilience (pages 71-74) for consideration at Oct 17 2019 Hearing (See agenda page for hearing details) TPlan Energy Chapter pages 28 to 45 Edited primarily re restricting utility Wind

TPlan Energy and Resilience pages 28 to 45 and 71 to 74 Edited for wind RC 4385 compliance

Grafton Town Plan readopted 2014

Grafton 2008 Town Plan as revised and re-adopted in 2014

Town Plan and Maps as submitted to the Selectboard February 21, 2019

2019 – 2026 Grafton Town Plan – Final Planning Commission DRAFT

2019 GrafTP PC version . Incorporating SB Comments

Maps – All are DRAFT:

01 – Existing Land Use 02 – Resource Areas – Water and Wildlife 03 – Resource Areas – Land 04 – Flood Hazards 05 – Community Facilities 06 – Transportation System 07 – Known Constraints for Energy Generation 08 – Possible Constraints for Energy Generation 1 of 2 09 – Possible Constraints for Energy Generation 2 of 2 10 – Solar Resource 11 – Solar Energy Potential 12 – Wind Resource 13 – Wind Energy Potential 14 – Proposed Land Use

Required Written Report of Planning Commission on Town Plan update and impacts of it.:

Planning Commission Report to SB on 2019 Plan

Town Plan Report Addendum (FINAL)

Response to PC FINAL report

Procedure before the Planning Commission in January 2019:


  • Public Hearing Notice Hearing on January 15, 2019
    • Public Hearing Notice: Grafton Planning Commission Public HearingIn accordance with the provisions of 24 V.S.A. §4384, the Town of Grafton Planning Commission will hold a public hearing on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. at the Grafton Elementary School to hear public comments on adopting amendments to the Town Plan.    A copy of the amended Town Plan, with maps and report, is available at the town’s website
    • Meeting Notice: January 31, 2019 at 6:30 PM in Meeting Room at Town highway Garage. Planning Commission Agenda 1 31 19 Special Meeting

Skip Lisle’s November 2013 Historic Overview:

“Historic Overview by Skip Lisle, November – 2013”

Subdivision Regulations adopted 2009


Flood Damage Prevention Regulations adopted 2007

Grafton FHAR 05_08_07 approved by SB

Grafton Website Policy

Grafton Website Policy approved May 7, 2018

Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct Policy

Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct Policy Apr 2 2018

Local Emergency Management Plan

2019 Grafton Local Emergency Management Plan 

Local Hazard Mitigation Plan

Draft new Plan 2019

HazMitPlan 2014