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  • See: Procurement Policy Town of Grafton 2014

Procurement Policy – 2014 

If you are an sole proprietor or partner owners of an unincorporated business, before responding to a request for proposal you may wish to review the “Town of Grafton VLCT PACIF (our WC insurance carrier) Workers ‘Compensation Payroll Audit Checklist of Independent Contractor Documentation” and the “Non-Employee Work Agreement” and “Liability Hold Harmless Agreement” at the bottom of this page.If there are questions about those documents, please call or email the Town Administrator at (802) 843 2552 or 

Invitations For Bids:

Grinding and paving a Portion of Route 35 

Town of Grafton, Vermont, 117 Main St., P.O. Box 180, Grafton, VT 05146

Bid invitation & specs Paving 2020 Rte 35

Certificate of insurance must accompany all bids.

May 13, 2020, Bill Kearns Town Administrator. (802) 843 2552


Checklist of Independent Contractor Documentation (This is an internal Town form posted for your information concerning Town needs in order to comply with Town insurance carrier audit requirements.): Grafton Checklist for Hiring Independent Contractors.Sole Proprietors WC Audit

Agreements (For use by independent Contractors or Sole Proprietors): Grafton WC Non Employee Work Agreement and Hold Harmless Agreement