Announcements: Taxes, Dog License, Emerald Ashborer Beetle, Transfer Station/Recycling, Lost and Found, etc.

PFAS testing at GES
Dept of Health Representative August 15, in relevant part:

“I was able to visit the school earlier this week and work with our contractor to develop a preliminary investigation work plan. We plan on sampling a couple of the closest private wells to get some more data from deep groundwater and we will be focusing our testing on the shallow soil and groundwater near the school’s septic system and leachfield. The data that we get from this preliminary investigation will inform the need to sample elsewhere. We will not be sampling other wells in the town unless the data shows a reason to do so. It will be a few weeks before we can evaluate this next set of data.”


Transfer Station/Recycling
Emerald Ashborer Beetle
Click on the above to see Notice.  This is a notice that the Listers lodged the abstract of  Grand list for the inspection of taxpayers, who have until June 7th close of business to file a written grievance of the actions of the Listers. Read the above notice for more detail. 
Agenda For Grievance Hearings
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Licensing you Dog
Dog licenses are to be renewed annually on or before April 1st each year.
To obtain new license or re-license for current year, please bring a current Rabies Vaccination.


Please direct any comments and questions to Bill Kearns, Town Administrator

(802) 843-2552